About this lesson

In this lesson, you can take the JLPT Online Half Mock Exam and attend a lesson on the mock exam explanation.

The Online Half Mock Exam is a practice test that is half the duration and has half the number of questions compared to the actual JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

You can take it online from the comfort of your own home at any time, and you can immediately check your exam results.

Additionally, you can also receive online lessons to review and understand the mock exam. Please use it for your study purposes.

Details of this lesson

Level : N4

Price: 1,200 yen (Half mock exam – 64 minutes + Explanation lesson – approximately 60 minutes)

About the JLPT Online Half Mock Exam

N4Vocabulary & Kanji (moji & goi) 15minGrammer & Reading Comprehension (Bunpoo & Dokkai) 30 minListening Comprehension (Chookai) 19min64 min

The JLPT Online Half Mock Exam is a service developed by Ask Publishing.


Payment is accepted only via credit card.

We will inform you by email after you apply.

Requirements for Taking This Lesson

For both the JLPT Online Half Mock Exam and the explanation lesson, you will need an internet connection and a smartphone or a computer.

For taking the mock exam, it is recommended to use a computer as the text may become small on a smartphone.